I'm Aaron Weyenberg, a product designer in New York. I believe good product design emerges from simplicity, evidence, inclusion, and purpose.

By day I get to work with thoughtful and brilliant people at TED. As Director of R&D, my job is to take ideas and quickly give them form so that humans can interact with them. By moonlight I try to keep thinking about where we're all headed with the technology we're building and using.

I write about things like ethics and behavioral manipulation in design, and give talks for conference and events like Designers & Geeks, Design Driven, Canvas Conf, SearchLove, FOWD, and Web Directions. Sometimes I make small toys to amuse myself, like the UX Job Title Generator, a Deepak Chopra inspired Lorem Ipsum generator, and a Chrome plugin that turns LinkedIn profile images into dogs.

Say hello via email at aaronweyenberg (gmail) or Twitter (DMs open).

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